Are you an ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate for East Lake Eye Care:

Is licensed in the state of GA to practice Optometry and has a minimum of 3 years optometric work experience. The candidate has experience managing glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and hypertensive patients and/or has a passion for corneal surface disease. The clinician is adept at treating keratoconus, fitting scleral contact lenses, and myopia control using Orthokeratology.  The ideal candidate is thorough and quick in the exam room and easily communicates and builds rapport with both patients and staff.  

This punctual person is a servant leader with a business mind and exudes positive energy.  The morally strong candidate lives in integrity and trust and while open-minded to new ideas works in structure and easily adapts to changes when they occur.

The provider is available to serve patients Wednesdays –Friday and 2 Saturdays per month with a base salary of $500 per day. Bonus, Insurance, and Paid Leave for Continuing Education are negotiable terms of employment.

Are you an ideal candidate? Apply below.

We have served the patients of the south Atlanta metro area for almost two decades.  We recognize our purpose and passionately serve each patient as if they are members of our own immediate family.  We bring compassion to our patients recognizing the patient as an individual first and tailoring treatment programs for each one, be it co-managing their obesity and diabetes or simply providing the best vision possible in eyewear or contact lenses.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and offer a fully trained staff including scribes which are knowledgeable about coding and proficient in EHR.

Are you an ideal candidate? Apply below. 

This is an outstanding opportunity for personal and professional growth.  Not only do we care for our patients, we care for one another as well.  We strive to create a familial work environment and make our work both enjoyable and productive.

If you are interested in joining our team, please let us know.  If this opportunity is not for you but you know someone else who would be happy with us, please share this opportunity with them.

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