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The Elevated Foundation's mission is to build, equip and establish healthcare facilities around the world with people who are passionate about the healthcare they provide and have the compassion to see their patients as real people contributing to the economic empowerment and the improved health status of the communities they serve.


How You Can Help


The Elevated Foundation will proudly take donations and turn those into action on the ground in Kenya. All donations are tax deductible.

Donate Safely


We have a gift registry list that allows us to deliver the necessary supplies and equipment for the efficient operation of the facility in Kenya. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Who We Help

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  • Increase the empathy and compassion of healthcare providers and their support teams in local community clinics
  • Improved community economic viability from newly trained community-based healthcare teams
  • Improved community health status through partnerships with volunteer physicians and support teams
  • Create sustainability with health coaches and peer groups at the local community clinics 


Through partnerships with organizations like A-fest, Change Heroes and Read Across Africa, Elevated Foundation will assemble a diverse group of healthcare volunteers. The volunteers will not only donate funds to build and equip community clinics but will also provide the clinical care to train and serve the local community alongside its local physicians and non-clinical healthcare teams. This peer-to-peer interaction will re- establish the "soul" connection amongst providers and patients; thus restoring passion and compassion into healthcare practices around the world.

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While this is an ongoing project, each Passion Project Clinic will need at least 6 months lead time to recruit resources and volunteers for Elevation Week. During Elevation Week we will take 2-3 days to build/equip clinic and 2-3 days to provide healthcare with 1-2 days of respite and reflection. If resources permit an additional 3 -6 days to train local community providers and their non-clinical teams on the 3-phase Elevated Practice methodology of putting passion into clinical practice. Ongoing support to Passion Project clinics will be available through email and video conferencing with annual volunteer support visits when resources permit.