Do better. Be Better. Do better. Be Better. Do better. Be Better.

These words have been running through Santrell Hart- Moreland's head since she was just a girl. At a young age, she identified the three major pillars that were crucial to developing a good life: health, relationships, and wealth. As she grew up, she would see friends, colleagues, and acquaintances focusing on one of these pillars to the neglect of the others. That didn't work. Life is like a three- legged stool, and if any one of those legs comes up short, you are going to have a very wobbly stool. In Live Life Elevated, Dr. Hart- Moreland explains everything she has learned about thriving in each of these crucial areas of life. Loaded with practical tips and philosophical insights, this book is the guide to developing all three legs of your stool so that you really can have it all. 

Very practical and inspiring - thank you, Santrell for sharing your message!
— Pam Kissoondyal; Life Coach and Author
This book is definitely written from the heart and with advice that the reader can immediately implement in order to live life more elevated. Very inspiring message.
— Alexia; Optometerist
Dr. Santrell Hart-Moreland’s book, Live Life Elevated: Practical Steps to Live Better, Think Better and Be Better is an awesome collection of ideas, superbly presented and described. If you want to look into the best way to change your life, it is all here in this book. One of the most profound things that I noticed when I first began reading this book was that I came up with an idea I could use right away to improve my personal life. I did that very thing, and then dipped back into the book later for some other inspiring material.
This is a book to keep with you, especially for those times when life is really difficult. It has really helped me, and can help you as well. Please make sure to go read this book. It will change your life!
— Bridget Zokovitch