Putting Passion Into Practice:

Realize that patients are people too.

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"Passion isn't just a feeling; it is an action- the product of hard work."

  -Pastor Steven Furtick


You have invested all your time, money, and all of yourself in your medical profession so you can be the successful doctor that you are today. But something is missing. All you see are bills, the pressures,and everything else. When you see a patient its like a task master driving you to something that you must do rather than something you're passionate about. If you're a cardiologist , everybody starts becoming a heart. If you're like me, an optometrist, you see pairs of eyeballs instead of real people! Has this happened to you? Have you lost that passion?

I want you to be able to put passion into your practice.

This book is a superb “how to!” With simplicity and practicality the author shows us how to maximize our gifts and talents. What I found most powerful is Dr. Hart- Moreland’s ability to be transparent. She admits to the frustrations that most of us share but won’t verbalize. Then, she explains best practices for getting it right! If you want to get it right- get this book!

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Santrell Hart-Moreland has written a quick, yet powerful book. Although I am not a doctor, I believe some of the suggestions and tools would be beneficial to any reader. I learned about the Emotional Scale and Practical Pivoting activities and plan to add them to my own toolbox to help me grow personally and professionally. This book will truly help you turn your Passion (Why do you do what you do?) and put it back into your practice (Service)!

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